Ben Hope

Ben Hope is 927m above sea level, and is in the The Far North region.

Ben Hope Stats

Region The Far North
Classification Munro
Height 927m
OS Grid Ref NC477501
OS Map (25k) 447N 447S
OS Map (50k) 9
Lat 58.412754
Lng -4.608707

Ben Hope Comments And Photos

Christopher Hall | Apr 3, 2017, 9:44 PM

"02/03/17 - Some kind soul left a bottle of whisky on the summit."

Paul Guest | Oct 4, 2017, 9:28 AM

"Day 4 on the North Coast 500 and there was only one thing on my agenda today ! My personal challenge ! I have lived in Scotland for over 7 years now and have yet to "Bag a Munro", so today was the day come rain or shine. And I decided to start with the most northern Munro of them all "Ben Hope". Have to admit I was feeling a little nervous as I drove towards it !

The Ascent of Ben Hope, a mix of trudging my way through a thick black muddy bog and scrambling up rock paths, loved every minute of it.

Half way up and the mist rolled in, do I turn back or do I do the really stupid thing of carrying on up a mountain I know little about on my own in thick mist and rain ? That's right I did the stupid thing ! two and a half hours up, one and a half hours down, my knees are screaming at me ! but I'm so happy tonight, personal achievements come in all shapes and sizes, and for me this was a big achievement, bagged my 1st Munro, only another 281 to go !!!!!!!!!

Instagram - @paul.guest


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